WeCan2 Play Soccer Program

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The Cumberland United Soccer Club is very proud to offer the WeCan2 Play Soccer Program in the summer for children who may have physical and/or mental challenges.  This Program is offered within the Ottawa/Orleans community and provides a high quality soccer experience for those who cannot successfully participate on mainstream teams. 

This Program is designed to put smiles on faces through the enjoyment of the beautiful game.  All individuals, ages four (4) and up, with any physical and mental challenge are welcome. 

The focus is on participation and fun!  WeCan2 Play Soccer coaches are flexible and positive, finding a way for all players to participate as fully as possible. All coaches, junior coaches, and helpers assist the WeCan2 Play Soccer players on the field in a 'Buddy System'. They learn to understand and appreciate players who have higher physical or mental needs.  This program benefits all volunteer participants, not just the players.

Through participation in the WeCan2 Play Soccer Program, individuals with challenges experience the thrill of belonging to a team, wearing uniforms, and making new friends. They learn new skills and develop physical fitness while enjoying the beautiful game of soccer.

For more information, or if you are interested in volunteering to help, please contact Chris Engbers, Coordinator of the WeCan2 Play Soccer Program at vicepresident@cumberlandsoccer.com.


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