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Transportation Details

Program Information:

Transportation from schools to training on week days will be provided by Roxborough Bus Lines (


Player transportation will be available for the schools listed below.  Transportation fees are separate from the Academy fees, and may be purchased in the following packages:

Local Full year – for Orleans and East-End students traveling all year from school to practice.

Local Half year – for Orleans and East-End students travelling for half a season.  This is for students who only need transportation when training at Millennium but not when training at the Superdome, or alternately, those who need transportation to the dome, but not to Millennium.


Note - Players must secure their own transportation home at the end of training on weeknights as well as to and from any sessions not on a regular school day.  Bus transportation will run in conjunction with the school calendar, and thus will not be available in July and August, or when regular school buses are not running due to snow-days, PD days, holidays, etc.


If you have any questions regarding transportation for the year-round Academy, please contact Jessie Burgins at


To Millennium CCA Bus #1:

Heritage Public School - 2:30 PM

College Catholique Mer Bleu - 2:40 PM

Garneau – 2:50 PM

St Peter's High School- 3:00 PM


To Super Dome CCA Bus #1:

(schedule still subject to change)




See Registration Site for details of Fees.

Monthly payment plan now available.



Please email

Last Edited: Aug 8, 2016

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